– Data Visualization Techniques

I have never seen a data visualization technique as impressive as this one. If you have not seen check it out. As a preview here is a presentation given by Prof. Hans Rosling at the TED conference in 2006.

I salute Prof. Hans for starting this initiative.


Google street view and its grand daddy

I have personal interest in LBS (Location Based Services), GPS etc. And recent release of Google Street View (copy of A9)  rekindled them.

This interest led me to this beautiful ‘Inexpensive Video Panaromic System’

Its amazing feet in just 6 weeks by Bill Meikle.

Great Presentation Technique

All of us come across cool concepts, ideas and sites. Here I plan to share those I find during web surfing.

Here is a great presentation technique, that uses no (less) technology to talk about technology (what a concept!). ie the world without powerpoint!

I like the following two presentations.

The wiki presentation has a cool transition between technology & paper cuttings. Notice when the ‘Save’ is clicked.