– Data Visualization Techniques

I have never seen a data visualization technique as impressive as this one. If you have not seen check it out. As a preview here is a presentation given by Prof. Hans Rosling at the TED conference in 2006.

I salute Prof. Hans for starting this initiative.


4 Responses to “ – Data Visualization Techniques”

  1. Peter Benza Says:

    This is great. I think the way Prof. Hans illustrates and displays his findings are very unique. I will check out and share with friends from my blog. I have been using data for over 20 years and this is a super way to share findings especially public data.

  2. Nagesh Susarla Says:

    Hi Shirish,

    I just chanced upon your blog through linked in, I came to know about Gapmider through your blog it is a great visualization technique. Just browsed the site. Google has the team hope they are supporting Hans’ cause.

    By the way I happen to be from VRCE Nagpur 1985 – 89 Electrical batch.

    Interesting articles on your blog keep the good work going
    based at Pune, India.

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    […] In my previous posts I have saluted people like Paul Krugman for explaining Sub Prime bust and Prof. Hans Rosling. Here in an excerpt from an interview Mohamed El-Erian, CEO of PIMCO gave to Fortune where he […]

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